Closing - Reporting
In order to make accurate and correct decisions, many companies need monthly accounts closing & reporting. FR&P can assist you or even do the job for you. FR&P has in-depth experience in intercompany and balance reconciliations, different types of journal entries (accruals, payroll, stock, depreciations, etc). Our professionals can also perform different kinds of detailed reporting such as cash flow analyses, gross margin, contribution analyses. We also have experience in adapting accounting reporting software.

Companies trusting FR&P services
Accor, Atos Medical, B.I.G, Bell Micro, Carrefour Group, Cargill, Chiquita, conTeyor, Daikin, Delhaize, EADS, ENECO, Elia, Hoerbiger, Honda, IFM electronic, Lazard, Lundbeck, Macronix, Mister Minut, MXIC, Pinguin, Puratos, SMK, Scientific Atlantic, Sogesmaint, Stora-Enso, SPX Corporation, TATA Consultancy Services, The Rezidor Hotel Group, VPK Packaging Group, Weidenhammer - Packaging Group